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Diversifying California’s Small Developer Corps

BIPOC workers are key to building the housing that we need

Build it Green (BIG) 
believes that every Californian deserves to live in a safe, affordable home in a resilient and thriving neighborhood. The organization is putting a new focus on California’s small developer and contractor community to connect people there with resources and mentorship.
What most know about California’s housing market is that the industry simply isn’t building enough new homes. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) determined that the state needs 1.8 million new homes by 2025 to meet projected population growth. On top of that, California isn’t currently building the kinds of homes that people need most. 

Do you want cool things to happen in your neighborhood?

Commotion West Berkeley  is a non-profit group that fosters pride of place, buzz, excitement, fun, quirkiness, and design in our neighborhood. Through the community-centered projects they support, they celebrate all that's unique about West Berkeley – the history, industry, arts, people, and nature. It is hyper-local in focus and impact.

Since organizing in 2019, Commotion has funded three murals painted by local artists, a pop-up performance event series, community gardens and portable planters, a sustainable fashion show, and more.


Visit the newest addition to Berkeley's vibrant community events calendar! Happening alongside the award-winning Gilman Wine Block on Fifth Street this festive new street fair will play host to over 65 local vendors, food trucks and wineries, with exciting satellite events throughout the district. It is a celebration of everything that makes the Gilman District and our city by the Bay unique – from the eclectic mix of local businesses, startups, and arts of all types, to our diverse and welcoming community.


Design for Sustainable Living. Home Improvement Design and Building



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