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Berkeley-Built is an online design magazine for Bay Area residents about projects with Berkeley connections or Berkeley values.

You are interested in design and prefer to support local businesses. Perhaps you’re experiencing a global pandemic and have been spending more time in your house lately ;)  Well, if you’d like to make your home more comfortable, beautiful, and sustainable, we are here for you. Despite the many difficulties in the world today, there is still a lot to be thankful for.

Wishing you all the best.
In affiliation with the West Berkeley Design Loop.

Lawrence Grown, Managing Editor
Lynn Bradshaw, Content Manager
Additional editing by Sian Gibby and Lucie Everett


Welcome Berkeley-Built! We started this online design magazine to delight and inspire you–the residents of Berkeley and beyond. This project grew out of the West Berkeley Design Loop and BuyLocalBerkeley and we hope you will love it.


The pandemic has been challenging and difficult. But we are resilient and have adapted to the new normal. We continue to design and create within the circumstances of our times.  Work continues on home remodels, ADUs, and educational spaces. We are making our environments more soothing and healthy. 


So why Berkeley-Built? What is there to learn about the built environment of Berkeley, and things that are built in Berkeley? Berkeleyans have a particular sensibility. We consider broader issues when we make personal decisions. We like excellent design, but we also care about all the thought that went behind what we see. When building a home addition, concern about global warming and personal health inform us as we consider energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainable forestry. We care about products themselves, but we also care about their supply chains and life cycles. Where did they come from? Who made them, and what were the conditions of their labor? What will happen after we use these items? These are things Berkeleyans consider. If you think like a Berkeleyan then this magazine is for you. 


Please enjoy the beautiful images, and delve into the stories behind the designs. If you are considering a home project of any sort, we hope you will find useful local resources here. And if you would like to contribute to this magazine, we want to hear from you. 


Be safe, think things through, and take care of each other.


In solidarity,


Lawrence Grown

Managing Editor

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