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Visit the newest addition to Berkeley's vibrant community events calendar! Happening alongside the award-winning Gilman Wine Block on Fifth Street and stretching to Picante’s outdoor dining space on Camelia, this vibrant new street fair will play host to over 65 local vendors, food trucks and wineries with exciting satellite events throughout the district. It is a celebration of everything that makes the Gilman District and our city by the Bay unique - from the eclectic mix of local businesses, startups and arts of all types to our diverse and welcoming community.

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Many children are fascinated by the world of construction. Toddlers might run to the window to point at a passing truck. Or they might halt a walk to the playground to watch a construction crew at work. Some come to carpentry later, wanting to build a fort or a piece of furniture. Do you know any young builders? West Berkeley is home to at least three sites that transform children’s curiosity into creativity by teaching them how to use hand tools.

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American homes account for about 22% of the CO2 output in the U.S., collectively making them one of the biggest contributors. Although there are very good economic reasons to shift to home electrification, the fact that almost a quarter of U.S. CO2 output comes from our homes means that it’s a place where we can each make a real difference in the rate of climate change with our market choices. So let’s begin listing a number of the savings that are now available in the new legislation.


Design for Sustainable Living. Home Improvement Design and Building



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