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Interior living room of straw bale constructed home
public pathway between homes in Berkeley CA

In the early 1900’s as the Berkeley hills were being mapped for development, pedestrian shortcuts were constructed for residents to walk down to catch the streetcars that would take them downtown and then on to San Francisco. In 1998, four path-curious Berkeley women created the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA). The goal was to locate, identify, name, and number all the public paths and stairways in the city (built and unbuilt) and raise awareness of these valued public amenities.

pedestrian staircase path in Berkeley CA
Remodeled living room kitchen area

Repurpose spaces without changing your home’s footprint.

With some of the most expensive real estate in the nation, East Bay residents are increasingly looking for ways to maximize every square inch of their valuable residences.


Remodeled Kitchen by HDR Remodeling

Mention straw bale construction, and while many have heard of it, the majority of people still reply with skepticism. "Won’t it rot? Doesn’t it burn?" Hardly! 



Building with a Renewable Resource

Why shop at big box stores when you can support local small business owners, employees, and ideas? Spending locally builds a more resilient, more vibrant, more interesting local economy.

Independent bussinesses in Berkeley, CA
The Gardener on 4th Street is an indie business
Advertisement for mod cabinetry Berkeley, CA
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