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Berkeley Bike Station is the Largest West Coast Bike Station

The downtown Berkeley bike station is located above ground at 2208 Shattuck Ave., a few seconds away from the BART entrance at Allston Way and Shattuck Avenue. This exciting new 4,000-square-foot facility is the result of a partnership between BART, the City of Berkeley and the bicycle community. The construction was largely funded through a Safe Routes to Transit Regoinal Measure 2 grant. The station is well-equipped with many perks: It’s more spacious, can accommodate more bikes and will offer full-service bike repairs.

This bike station provides free bike parking for 268 bikes in the center of downtown Berkeley, breaking new ground as the largest bike station on the West Coast. The station, which provides bike parking, rentals, repairs, sales and bike advocacy all under one roof, is also a model of sustainable design. In addition to helping to take cars off the road, the station is finished with sustainable materials including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood panels, retail displays clad in cork, low urea formaldehyde cabinetry, and low VOC wood stains and paints. To make use of building’s existing features, the old pendant lights were rehabilitated and the original concrete columns and floor stripped, polished and sealed.

The Berkeley Bike Station, operated by BART’s contractor, Alameda Bicycles, will offer other amenities such as a rent-to-own program, free safety-check inspections and retail items for sale. The new bike station was designed by Studio KDA.

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