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Sphere - A CoWorking Space for Women

At My Sphere - A Studio KDA Project

Studio KDA

Commercial Architecture & Interior Design

Creating community and connection through unique, soulful environments

by Jen Woo, Architectural Digest, April 25, 2019

The newly opened co-working studio, designed by the cofounders with Studio KDA, highlights natural light and plants. “We wanted to create a space that is warm and welcoming for diverse women from this city and its surroundings; a place where we can come together and feel inspired to work, work out, grow, and replenish, all under one roof,” says cofounder Signy Judd.

To get there, Judd and cofounders Gina Tega and Marielle Lorenz collaborated with friends Keith Morris and Marites Abueg of Studio KDA, the team behind Comal and Tender Greens. They sought to combine high and low elements and embraced finding good value in furniture and finishes…Soft grays, greens, plums, and blues permeate Sphere, along with an array of different lighting designs—though there is no shortage of natural light, as two entire walls of the floor have large, operable windows. It also inherited five large living walls from the previous tenant that form the reception area.

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